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milk shake

milk_shake Light Catcher lift & balance

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Lift, tone, cover & balance for perfect blonds.

A brand new range for perfect blonds, light catcher soft light is a high lift system that simplifies blonding services. You can provide 4-5 levels of light, grey coverage and an even tone from roots to ends, in just one application. 

milk_shake light catcher lift & balance is a super highlifter cream for hair, with coverage. It gives 4-5 levels of lift to natural bases and gives perfect grey coverage, with an even and natural-looking result. lift & balance balance should be used on up to 30%-70% greys. Ideal for natural base levels 6 (dark blond) or lighter. 

how do you use milk_shake light catcher lift & balance?

/ prepare the color mixture just before applying

/ dispense the necessary amount of color into a non-metallic bowl and add soft light oxidizing emulsion 40 vol (12%) with a 1:1 mixing ratio.

/ processing time: 45 minutes.