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milk shake

milk_shake light catcher LEVEL 9

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milk_shake light catcher LEVEL 9

milk_shake® light catcher spotlight: An extraordinary range developed to create radiant, intense blondes, from the most natural-looking to the most extreme and creative looks. Spotlight makes it easy for the salon professional to achieve color and lightening results on the hair with beautiful touches of light that are fresh and exciting

 Light catcher moonlight is a lightening product suitable for all lightening techniques—can be used freehand or with supporting materials. A non-drip, no-swell formula that is easy to apply. Moon-light has a powerful lift to create intense, radiant blondes.

blonde YOUR way.

No two blondes are alike and the ability to adapt is key to achieving the perfect blond. Light catcher spotlight provides you with the tools you need to create any blond you can imagine.   

  • gives up to 9 levels of lift
Suitable for:
  • freehand or lightening techniques with foils / meche / stripes 


active ingredients chosen with care.

Ingredient Image

milk proteins

the detangling and conditioning effect of milk proteins avoids the stiffening of the hair caused by the lightening process, improving the hair’s appearance and structure. 

Ingredient Image

avocado oil

avocado oil and its vitamins are a natural restructuring ingredient for the hair, a real beauty elixir that makes hair shiny and strong.

Ingredient Image

grapeseed extract

nourishes, conditions, protects & softens

Ingredient Image

guar gum

hydrates, seals in moisture & prevents breakage